Nanu Pillow Review: Is It Worth The Money?

It seems as though the world has been going crazy for this perfect pillow, Nanu. If you’re a big fan of comfort and support, you should definitely check it out.

In this blog review, we’ll take a quick look at what it is, how to use it, and how it compares to other pillows. After that, we’ll throw out a few thoughts about whether you should get one if you have a normal pillowcase thickness. It does tend to be pretty cool looking.


The Nanu Pillow goes beyond normal pillows in a couple of ways. It’s about 10x the thickness of a standard pillow, and it provides a lot more support than a normal pillow can. I use these terms very loosely here. A standard pillow looks, well, pretty standard.

This Nanu Pillow could just as easily have been marketed as an extra thick weighted blanket since it’s so big and soft. The good news is that you don’t have to feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of bricks to get the benefits this pillow offers. If you need more support than normally found in a standard pillowcase, this could be the answer.

Nanu Pillow Pros and Cons


  • The pillow is super comfortable
  • It’s not too heavy or too light, so it’s easy to move around when you wake up
  • The cover is very soft, and it’s made with very durable and high-quality materials. It doesn’t feel like they would become worn out any time soon, even after many uses.
  • Nanu offers free delivery within 5-7 working days around the UK.


  • It can get a little hot if you use it for too long, but this can be solved by taking breaks during the night. If you have the AC on cold enough, this shouldn’t be an issue anyway.
  • The pillow itself won’t heat up, but the Nano Pillow does retain heat pretty well.

Breathable Cotton Cover

If you’re worried about the pillow getting too hot, it comes with a breathable cotton cover. The cotton is hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about allergies or other problems caused by it.

The cover must be breathable since this makes it easier to breathe when sleeping. This can help prevent aches and pains in your neck or back when you wake up in the morning.

Weighted Comfort

The Nanu pillow is supposed to be 1 lb 9 oz when new. This includes the case. It has a lot of filling in it, so it feels more like multiple pounds. The exact amount is supposed to depend on the filling used.

The pillow itself is held in place by different pieces of plastic, which are attached to the cover with zippers. This system keeps the pillow from shifting around too much while you’re lying on it or rolling over, which might cause you to feel uncomfortable or change your position during the night.

Natural Materials

The material that covers this one is made of 100% cotton. It feels very soft and durable simultaneously, although it isn’t exactly what you would call washable.

We wouldn’t recommend you wash this type of material in the washing machine because it could shrink and change its shape. Whether or not your Nanu pillow would lose any shape after washing is something we can’t tell you.

We’d probably recommend hand washing it in the sink with soap and water so you can rotate it around to get some of the dirty water out before throwing it into the dryer.


The content of the pillow consists of shredded memory foam. However, it doesn’t really feel like memory foam as much as it does like an extra thick weighted blanket. This is great because the weighted feeling keeps your head in place, but it’s not too heavy or heavy-feeling at all.

The Nanu pillow is actually made with recycled plastic water bottles, chopped up, and melted into pillows. Many people are unaware that plastic bottles are the main material to create this pillow. This isn’t for you if you think that is strange or gross because the company uses particular recycled products to create this pillow.

Future Filling Changes

The filling itself is supposed to be changed every few years to keep the pillow fresh and comfortable for longer periods of time. They recommend replacing the filling with the same type of shredded memory foam. However, they do not require you to do so.

You could probably take this up with customer service to find out what they’ll do in this case. If the pillow is still in good shape, it should be able to keep on working for a while longer, but since it gets pretty hot when you lay on it for too long, I wouldn’t recommend using it forever.


The Nanu pillow tends to be a little softer than the name would make you think. You could probably use it with a normal pillowcase, but it wouldn’t work out very well unless you have a fairly high thread count.

The weight of the filling in the pillow is enough to give you a good amount of support, and it’s not too much in any way. If you don’t have any serious neck or back problems, this pillow will probably be very comfortable for you. If you have trouble getting comfortable when sleeping on your back because your arms get in the way, this could help.


There is a classic size and the opportunity to create your own pillow on their website You can adjust the thickness to whatever you feel comfortable with. When the pillow arrives, you’ll have to remove it from its plastic wrapping.

Be sure to wash the pillowcase in cold water before using it. The sleeping pillow is safe in the washer and dryer as long as you don’t put anything else in with it.

Nanu Pillow Price

You can purchase a Nanu pillow for £25. This is not the cheapest option out there, but still reasonable compared to their other items. You can get different sizes, which could be cheaper than the classic size.

Thickness & Dimensions

One thing that really makes this pillow stand out is its size. It’s pretty big, which can be an issue if you don’t have a massive headboard or if your bed isn’t super big. It’s not too big to fit in a standard bed, but it requires you to shift around a little bit to position it.

It also might be difficult to get out of bed if you’re not hungover, so please do yourself a favor and don’t drink on the weekends. The pillow is about 8 inches wide, 15 inches long, and 4 inches thick. The odds are that its width will feel weird at first, especially for someone used to normal pillows. After you get used to it, though, I doubt you’ll complain about the size again.


This pillow comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s pretty good for a pillow and helps to soften the blow of the price. You don’t need any warranty to make sure your pillow will last, but it’s nice to know you can get your money back if there is a problem.

Customer Support

This pillow does have a customer support department, but their site is currently pretty bare bones. I’m not sure what you can expect to get out of that kind of support if you call them with any questions.

The reviews on Amazon point out that it might be helpful to use your email address to contact them, which would keep you from having to call in. Nanu does offer a 30 day trial period for new customers so that they may send you some pillows, but it’s not guaranteed.

Where is Nanu Pillow made?

The original Nanu pillow was made in the UK. They’ve expanded to other countries, but the original one is still made there. This is good for quality control because it’s easy to get them to send you a new one if something goes wrong with your pillow after that.

Nanu Pillow Customer Reviews

This is one of their most popular pillows on Amazon and among sleep specialists, so it seems like the customers who tried them out really liked them. Many people thought this would be a great option for people who prefer to sleep on their back, but the filling isn’t thick enough for someone who sleeps on their side.

The lightweight design could be good for those that don’t like heavy pillows or need extra support. You can use it as a regular pillow instead if you prefer a lighter variant.

Should I Get a Nanu Pillow?

If you’re looking for a pillow that isn’t going to break the bank but that will still help you relax and fall asleep, then this might be a good option. It’s easy to adjust the thickness to exactly what you want, and it feels great.

The only reason I would say no to this pillow is if you need something huge because your bed is small or if you need a firm feel for your neck or back support. In those cases, there are better options. Overall, this pillow has been reviewed as “solid” and “very comfortable” by those who have tried it out.

Where to buy it?

You can purchase the Nanu pillow at their website Many people have bought them with Amazon marketplace. You can also check with local stores to see if they sell the Nanu pillow in your area.

Other items available

There are several other sleep products available on their website. These are the duvet, the pillowcase, and the sleep mask. If you want to be sure to get one for each person in your family, it might be worth setting aside some money.

You can also customize your pillowcase or duvet with your name or a picture and make them as big as you want. Nanu does have a full range of beauty sleep items available from other stores online, so if you want anything other, check out their website for more details.

How often do you need to replace your pillows?

They are one of those products that you will never use up, but they can also break down as time goes on as well. There is a rough lifespan as well as a rough price range for pillows as well. You can easily see that pillows will last much longer than you might think and save money, in the long run, to keep them around.


This pillow is very comfortable and will make you feel a more relaxed experience when you sleep on it. The price tag seems a little steep compared to other types of pillows, but it is still reasonably priced, depending on what size you want.

It’s easy to wash no matter what type of allergies you have, so that shouldn’t be a problem either. The only issues with this pillow are that it can be a little difficult to adjust to at first, and it is a little on the large side if you’re trying to fit it under your tight headboard.

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